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Proof of Consent for Text-Based Messaging


Last Modified: April 25th, 2024

1. Consent Collection Method: The consent for text-based messaging by the Individual was collected through an online form utilizing a 2FA. This method ensures that consent is given freely, specifically, and unambiguously per the applicable legal standards, including [mention relevant laws, e.g., GDPR, TCPA, etc..

2. Description of the Consent: The individual has explicitly consented to receive text messages from SeaCoast Financial, LLC regarding 2FA, Account Notifications, Customer Care Notices, and Marketing. The individual was informed about the frequency of messages and was given the option to opt out at any time.

3. Evidence of Consent: Our systems maintain a record of the consent, which includes the timestamp and exact wording of the consent provided by the individual at that time. This documentation can be provided upon request.

4. Verification Process: We send a confirmation message with an authorization code to verify the consent.

5. Withdrawal of Consent: The individual has been informed of the right to withdraw their consent and the process to do so. The process is straightforward and can be initiated by texting ‘STOP’.

6. Data Protection and Privacy: SeaCoast Financial, LLC is committed to protecting the privacy and security of individuals’ data. Our Privacy Policy provides information on how we process and safeguard personal data.

For any queries or concerns regarding the consent for text-based messaging, please get in touch with us via email at


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